Friday, October 23, 2009

How does reflective practice, supervision and the professional development policy, support professional practice?

Professional Practice:

Victoria Walden

Due Date: 23rd October

In a massage business a professional practice is what keeps your business successful and providing a high quality of service to each potential customer. I believe that within each business there should be reflective practice, supervision and a guild and also being involved with the professional development policy, this will show that you as a massage therapist uphold and support professional practice in your business. I believe that these three steps in your business will increase the status of your practice and improve the thinking, focus, and ideas that will continue to enhance you professional practice.

Reflective practice:

Using reflective practice within your business gives you the opportunity to improve not only with the present status of your business but also for yourself, in how you can improve your application within the business, massage, and also with client care. When using a reflective practice you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and how you can tackle them. I believe I could apply this in my business by:
- Writing a journal
- Feed-back forms from clients
- An comment box for clients who would like to remain unknown
- Writing comments to self, after treatment of each client, what worked and what could I have done better.
- Researching and asking about similar differences that others may have in common from other therapists.
From these few ideas I believe that I can obtain vital information and review what I can do to help improve the way that my business is run, from how each client is welcomed including phone calls, all the way to when they have come and gone back out the door. I know that this will improve the professional practice of any business.


I believe having a supervisor is a vital aspect to the massage practice, within its professional practice. The position that the supervisor would take is to be a channel for your thoughts and also someone to bounce ideas off. The supervisor would also be there as a guild and someone to talk to if problems or issues come about within the practice that you cannot seem to find a solution. As a new massage therapist to the business I feel that I would need a supervisor within my first year as I no longer have the security of the lecturers or fellow students and have to deal with issues on my own. With a supervisor I can channel my thoughts and categories them into priorities to what is necessary at the time. My business therefore would not be cluttered with my thoughts and be scattered, instead it would be organised as my thinking process and also my worries would be out of my head, keeping it clear for the high quality of professional service that I would want to provide.
To establish a professional business you need to have someone to channel your thinking process and to keep your mind clear and concise.

To develop and improve your massage business you need to keep up with the latest things and the keep furthering and increasing your knowledge of the massage industry. With the professional development policy that is run through Massage New Zealand I believe as a massage therapist that it would be a great time to join and keep up to date. With joining MNZ you can further your education as a therapist and also be informed of workshops, gaining formal education. Massage New Zealand can offer so much to a young therapist in the industry: Latest knowledge, creditability, also giving your clients the comfort knowing that you are a trustworthy and professional practitioner. To have a professional practice being involved with a business, MNZ, is a step forward to becoming a successful therapist in the industry.

From what I have stated above I believe that it all relates and supports professional practice, they can improve the quality of the business at present and can maintain a high quality of service to each individual. These steps can enhance the ability to understand the industry and also your business in that industry. It can improve relations, ideas, quality, and the success of your practice in pleasing the potential customer and also you as a business owner.


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