Thursday, October 29, 2009

Professional Practice blog 7

What does it mean to be a massage therapist and a multi-disciplinary healthcare provider?
Victoria Walden
Due Date 30th October 2009

What does it mean to be a massage therapist?
As a massage therapist I believe that I have techniques and the qualifications to help improve the present status of clients that come to me with muscle pain or just for pure relaxation. Working within the scope of practice, that Massage New Zealand has produced I believe that I can help improve client’s quality of life.

As a multi-disciplinary practitioner alongside massage therapy is where I believe that I should become accustomed to other healthcare providers scope of practice that could aid in the recovery of any client that may come to me for treatment.

I feel as a multi-disciplinary practitioner you have to have an open mind to other means of treatment to help your client recover from any dysfunction that needs attending too.

McQuillan (2009), states that ‘Dialog is the key to working effectively as a multi-disciplinary practitioner:’

To achieve this is:
- Consensus
- Appreciation of difference
- Cross-fertilisation

- Consensus means a general or widespread agreement among all the members of a group. Between different means of treatment from different healthcare providers is where as a practitioners research has to come into play and showing evidence of treatment plans and how they can help the client. Through research and communication I believe that healthcare providers can produce a quality treatment plan for the client.

- Appreciation of difference means that every healthcare provider will have a different perspective on different treatments for clients therefore each practitioner needs to understand that everyone has different expertise.

- Cross-fertilisation means that each practitioner may have their expertise and through this you can work together and cross-fertilise ideas and treatment plans.

To provide a multi-disciplinary healthcare to each client from a massage therapist viewpoint will be hard and struggle to get other healthcare providers on board. This has a large affect on the C.A.M (Complimentary alternative medicines) as we have so much that we can provide to other healthcare professionals, who see that they are higher and more highly ranked in this department of care for clients. Recent research however has seen that C.A.M are becoming more recognised, World Health Organisation now recognises multi-disciplinary as a way for healthcare operators to work.

I believe as a massage therapist and part of the C.A.M we are slowly but surely making a mark in the healthcare provider’s profession. As a massage therapist, I feel it is our duty to inform clients of their options to request the second opinion of other healthcare providers. It is also our duty to respect and understand that there are other alternatives to treatment for each individual.

As a whole I believe that within any healthcare profession that multi-disciplinary practice should be set in place to provide that best suited care for any client who needs help. Communication is the key alongside consensus, appreciation of difference and also cross-fertilisation, from this I believe that it will take time and money, also the hierarchy within occupations will have to subside. If all is applied, the healthcare profession will reach new heights in applying care for clients.


Class notes

McQuillan, D. Elluminate. Multi Disciplinary Practice. October 28th 2009. Professional Practice.

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